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Year 2000 Race Results!

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Trail Conditions: (for the visitor) Click on [pic] for photo.

For those of you who haven't been on our club trails, let me explain a bit. We are a coastal village, which translates as windswept [pic]. There are no trees here and therefore we get a lot of snow drifting and sastrugi [pic]. This makes for slow trails, or icy where the snow has blown away. Of course, there may be some of you, used to groomed trails through the forest, who would hesitate to use the word 'trails' to describe our race courses. The race times may reflect these conditions.

Nome Kennel Club Y2K9 Millennial Race Results - December 31, 1999

     The first race of the 2000 season was a lot of fun! The trail was a 3 Mile Loop marked by fluorescent cones and flags from Nome’s Snake River Turning Basin to the Country Store and return. Eleven hardy teams were hooked to the front of an assortment of dog trucks parked on the ice. KNOM staff were stationed at the start line, turn around and midway covering the action. Many mushing fans turned out for the kickoff FUN run of the 2000 NKC race season. The trail was slick, polished ice paralelling Nome’s sea wall. It was chilly with a - 26 F air temperature.

     An exciting mix of enthusiastic junior and adult drivers raced to the finish line on the icy Bering sea. Junior mushers were 9 year old Melissa Owens, 13 year old Jessica Perkins, and 17 year old Chris Aningayou. In a very close finish right up to the finish line, Chris Aningayou and Jessica Perkins raced to the finish line, where Jessica’s leader crossed the finish line a nose ahead of Chris Aningayou’s lead dog. All entrants were awarded special pendants by Nome’s own Centennial Queen, Donna Morgan following the race. Congratulations to all of the teams and drivers for participating.

     Special thanks to: KNOM staff: Les Brown, Victoria Pasquantonio, Paul Korchin and Michael Warren for their excellent news coverage; Chris and Jim Rowe, Kirsten Bey, Jim Dory, Walt Peterson, Bill and Sue Buchanan, May Wendel, Linda Oxley, Howard Farley and Gary Longley for their work on the trail and as dog handlers. We appreciate the use of the Alaska DOT cones and thank Pat Johansen and the NSRA for the loan of their racing bibs.

     NKC reminds the mushing community of the next race event on January 15th at 1:00 PM at the Bypass Road starting line. It’s a 12 dog 20 mile race paying 6 positions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Final Position   Driver
1 Mike Webber
2 Melissa Owens
3 Kirsten Bey
4 Nils Hahn
5 Ray Lang
6 Jessica Perkins
7 Chris Aningayou
8 Mike Owens
9 Chris Rowe
10 Conner Thomas
11 Nina Verzoni

20 Mile, 12 Dog Race - January 15

No race on the 15th due to poor trail conditions ie ... first blizzard left no snow on the tundra and only a drift or two in town.

7 Mile, 6 Dog Race - January 29

Firm trail, -17 F with winds for a -31 F chill factor.
Congratulations to the following drivers and teams.

Position   Driver;  Time
1 Joran Freeman 32.07
2 Kirsten Bey 35:38
3 Mike Webber 39:40

Special thanks to Gary Longley for dragging the trails today and Kathy Graham of the Nome Nugget for coming out in the frigid sunshine.

*Please check the Nome Kennel Club Website for Saturday race start updates.

Thank You! Linnea Ann Baker

12 dog, 20 mile - February 12

Unofficial Race Results

Soft, punchy trail, warm 30 F with 15 mph winds for a 14 F chill factor. Congratulations to the following drivers and teams.

Position   Driver  Time
1 Nils Hahn 1:38:46
2 Joran Freeman 1:41:41
3 Mike Webber 1:47:11
4 Kirsten Bey 1:55:37
5 Chris Rowe 1:57:44

Our next race is a 6 Dog 12 Mile race on March 4th at 1:00 pm starting on the Bypass Road. Special thanks to Charlie Reader for clearing the snow in the start area and trailbreakers Gary Longley, Jim and Chris Rowe, and Kirsten Bey for helping keep the trail open.

March 18, Nome Kennel Club Businessman's Race

Place Driver   Time   Sponsor
1st Amy Hendrickson 16.11 LYSD
2nd Rachel Cheyette 17.04 Self
3rd Jordan Lolly 17.52 Real Estate Custom Finance Inc.
4th Kevin Burke 19.36 D.A.'s Office
5th Mike Corrigan 19.49 Nome Business Venture
6th Rodney Binfet 20.02 NHSC
7th Claus-Dieter Graete 20.02 Self
8th Kathy Graham 20.29 Nome Nugget News
9th Lisa Leeper 21.43 Nome Nugget News
10th Bill Borden 21.47 Real Estate Custom Finance Inc.
Tie- 11th Melinda Reynolds 21.55
Tie- 11th Ellen Doupe Moras 21.55 Mountain Village Striver
13th Angie Bogut 22.02 Pilot Station School
14th Dan Cheyette 22.17 Self
15th Terry Reynolds 22.29 National Park Service
16th Mark Shah 22.45 Self
17th Christie Burke 23.20 Self
18th Kelly Babcock 23.33 Wild Affair Flowers
19th Allison Graves 23.37 Arctic Trading Post
20th John Earthman 24.21 DA's Office, State of AK
21st Glen Callaghan 25.19 Self
22nd Victor Machant 25.28 LYSD
23rd Danette Russell 26.00 Leroy's Family Productions
24th Christy Fagerstrom 26.12 Self
25th Patti Normile 26.17 Normile and Associates
26th Mike Templair 26.19 St. Mary's School
27th Dana Schofield 26.21 Self
28th Todd Jacobs 26.33 Snerd Inc.
29th Laurine Domke 27.39 LYSD
30th Charlotte Gerkin 28.29 Beauty By LizBeth
31st Debbie Cook 28.50 Self
32nd Angie Taggart 31.01 Self
Tie- 33rd Mark Gibson 32.04 Disney
Tie- 33rd Jim Moras 32.04 LYSD
34th Aaron Shuler 36.33 NSHC
35th Philip Halprin 43.35 Disney
36th Maurice Bonnar 43.40 Norton Sound Janitorial

Thanks to all NKC Members who brought teams, sleds and volunteered throughout the race which lasted from 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. It was nearly perfect weather for spectators - but hot for the dogs. Several teams went around the course several times so the slower times toward the end reflect this. It's 'luck of the draw' for getting a fresh team!

Thanks to our snowmachine trail support who helped out with timing, bibs, collection of registrations. Congratulations to all the brave mushers who completed the race and are now official Nome Kennel Club members! Come back next year!

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event a success!!!!

Nome Council 200

This year the Nome Council 200 was postponed for the first time in its history due to threats of severe weather, winds and subzero temperatures with wind chills to -70F. Mushers met on Friday at 5:00 pm prior to the race start and opted to reschedule the race to noon Sunday the 26th. Saturday dawned calm and sunny with minimal winds in the Topkok - Solomon - Safety blowhole extending through the rest of the weekend. Trail conditions were hard and fast with no overflow.

Congratulations to the following tough drivers and dogteams.

Start March 26, Finish March 27
Place Driver Total Time
1st Nils Hahn 19:09
2nd Aaron Burmeister 19:38
3rd Jeff Darling 20:43
4th Joe Garnie 20:44
5th Kirsten Bey 28:50

*Scratch - Joran Freeman
*Withdrew Matt Desalernos
*Withdrew Mike Webber


A big thank you to Patricia Rae of Rae’s Harness Shop for being our official Race Marshal. Thank you to Mike Owens for offering his snowmachine to the race marshal for her use. Connor Thomas, our NKC checker, race official and trail escort with his partner, Brian Timbers receive our thanks for being there and doing a tough job very well.

Thanks to David Holly for staking a great trail for us!

Pat Hahn, Todd Lovell, and Michael Warren provided wonderful ham support and continuous KNOM coverage kept us updated and prepared for the early Monday morning finish. We are very grateful for their time, talent and efforts.

Another big thanks to Nome’s own veterinarian, Derreck Leedy for supporting the teams and going to Council to keep our dogteams healthy.




Beautiful, fast, smooth trail with sunny skies and a light breeze up the Snake River Valley. Congratulations to the following drivers and teams.

Place Driver Total Time
1st Nils Hahn 2:06:51
2nd Aaron Burmeister 2:10:08
3rd Ray Lang 2:36:25
4th Conner Thomas 2:47:05
5th Kirsten Bey 2:55:48
6th Robin Thomas 3:01:48

This was the last race of the NKC’s 2000 race season. Congratulations to all of the drivers that competed in races this season and special thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make this season possible.

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