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Year 2001 Race Results!

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2000 Season Race Results

1999 Season Race Results

1998 Season Race Results

Trail Conditions: (for the visitor) Click on [pic] for photo.

For those of you who haven't been on our club trails, let me explain a bit. We are a coastal village, which translates as windswept [pic]. There are no trees here and therefore we get a lot of snow drifting and sastrugi [pic]. This makes for slow trails, or icy where the snow has blown away. Of course, there may be some of you, used to groomed trails through the forest, who would hesitate to use the word 'trails' to describe our race courses. The race times may reflect these conditions.

The 12 Dog Twenty Mile Dexter Creek Classic Race Results - December 23, 2000

Soft wind drifted trail, twenty mile per winds and 30 degrees.

Position   Driver  Time 
1st Aaron Burmeiste 1:24.35
2nd Nils Hahnr 1:25.22
3rd Mike Webber 1:34.23
4th Eric Johnson 1:34.40
5th Kirsten Bey 1:43.46

Special thanks to Mitch Erickson for coming out to be the Race Marshall in the first race of the season.

*Please check the Nome Kennel Club Website for Saturday race start updates.

Nome Kennel Club Six Dog Seven Mile Fun Run - December 31, 2000

Sunday, December 31, 2000
Bypass Rd. Start Line @ 1:00 PM
Six Dog Fun Race Results:

      The trail was soft and punchy, with warm temperatures and a hint of clearing morning skies on the Southern horizon, a gentle west wind picked up around 1:30; soon the sky became a snowy white out as the racers came across the finish line.

Congratulations to the drivers and teams!

Position   Driver  Time
1 Phillip Pryzmont 36:46
2 Karlin Itchoak 38:07
3 Kirsten Bey 43:23

Thanks to Robin Thomas and Phillip Pryzmont for staking the trail.

     *The next race is a 12 dog 50 mile race at 10 AM on Saturday 1/6/01. Please be sure your team immunizations, and Nome City Kennel License are current and driver membership is paid prior to the race. See you there.

Linnea Baker, Race Marshal

12 Dog,   50 Mile Race Results - January 6, 2001

     The trail wound around the tundra and Snake River valley some 52 miles finishing and starting south of Icy View. It was -5 F with severe winds and a ground storm with -55 F chill factors.

Congratulations to the following hardy drivers and teams.

Position   Driver 
1st Nils Hahn
2nd Aaron Burmeister
3rd Connor Thomas
DNF Eric Johnson
DNF Greg Parvin

     Special thanks to Mike Webber and Todd Lovell for coming out in the severe wind chills to assist with the race start and cover trails. Our next race will be a 6 Dog 7 Mile race on January 27th @ 1 PM Bypass Road start line.

*Please check the Nome Kennel Club Website for Saturday race start updates.

Thank You! Linnea Ann Baker, Race Marshal

7 Mile, 6 Dog Race - January 27

The trail was soft and punchy under overcast skies, with a brisk breeze at the start line on the Bypass Road. Eight enthusiastic drivers took off at two minute intervals to enjoy the opportunity for competition on new and drifted snow at 1:00 PM on Saturday. City and State dump trucks could be heard in the background as they tried to clear off the fresh snow in town. Congratulations to the following drivers and teams.

Position   Driver;  Time
1st Aaron Burmeister 33:14
2nd Nils Hahn 36:49
3rd Mike Webber 41:27
4th Robin Thomas 41:56
5th Greg Parvin 43:35
6th Eric Johnson 44:00
7th Phillip Pryzmont 46:46
8th Diana Adams 50:28

Congratulations to all of the drivers that competed in today’s races. The next race is a 6 dog 12 mile race on February 10th at 1:00 PM, at the Bypass Road Start Line.

*Please check the Nome Kennel Club Website for Saturday race start updates.

Thank You! Linnea Ann Baker

6 dog, 12 mile - February 18

(Postponed from February 10th race, due to a blizzard.)

1:00 PM Bypass Road Start line

The trail was soft and punchy under overcast skies due to the previous day’s, actually weeks snowy, warm and windy temperatures. Six enthusiastic teams took off at two minute intervals to enjoy the opportunity for competition on fresh snow at 1:00 PM on Sunday. They were followed by two three dog skijorers. Congratulations to the following drivers, teams, and skijorers.

Position   Driver  Time
1 Mike Webber 1:02:51
2 Lucy Nordlum 1:05:40
3 Greg Parvin 1:09:54
4 Robin Thomas 1:11:25
5 Phillip Pryzmont 1:19:47
6th Diana Adams 1:32:34
3 Dog Skijoring
1st Keith Conger 1:07:40
2nd Mitch Erickson 1:11:25

Congratulations to all of the drivers that competed in today’s races. The next race is the 6 dog 12 mile Championship Race on March 3rd at 1:00 PM, Bypass Road Start Line.

6 Dog 12 Mile Championship Race Results - March 3rd

Bypass Road Start line

Under sunny skies, five eager teams took off at two minute intervals to compete in the NKC Six Dog Championship Race at 1:00 PM on Saturday. Thanks to Diana Adams for her assistance today!

Position   Driver  Time
1 Mike Webber 52:15
2 Greg Parvin 57:43
3 Robin Thomas 58:24
4 Mitch Erickson 1:06:12
5 Phillip Pryzmont 1:07:50

Congratulations to all of the drivers competing in today's race!
Happy Iditarod to everyone!!

Our next race is the NKC Businessman's Race on Saturday, March 17th at 1:30 PM, Bypass Road Start Line. Rae's Harness Shop crew will be assisting us. See you there!

***Kennel Club members, please be there with extra sleds and three dog teams!!!

March 17, Nome Kennel Club Businessman's Race

Place Driver   Time   Sponsor
1st Jeff Wilson 15:32 Alaska Native House
2nd Bobbie Hoepner 15:42 Mariner Square Realty
3rd Pam Barve 15:53 Mine
4th Laurine Domke 16:08 Mat Su Borough School District
5th Laura Lanier 16:58 Norton Sound Regional Hospital
6th John Holt 17:55 Harper and Company
7th Justine Gibson 19:14 0 Stretch Fitness
8th D’Ann Chappel 19:19 Arlington, TX
9th Christopher Muka 19:24 American Dream Land Co.
10th Eleanor Raab 20:13 Jollyology Lab, Inc.
Tie- 11th Richard Collins 20:21 Water F/X
Tie- 11th John Redmond 20:21 Real Estate Custom Finance, Inc.
12th Chuck Perkins 20:52 Vermont Gift Barn
13th Naomi Weetman> 21:13 LYSD Team America
14th Robina Campbell 21:14 Connor Thomas
15th Leonard Devaney, JR. 22:23
16th Marie Minkoff 22:42
17th Haze Hanaway 22:52 Alaska Airlines
18th Chris Taylor 22:47
19th Mike Corrigan 22:50 Nome Business Ventures
20th Martha Lane 23:00 Norton Sound Hospital
21st Jordan Ross Lolley 23:08 Real Estate Custom Finance
22nd Jason Hamilton 23:20 Fat Freddie’s
23rd Shar Brue 23:27 Eden Business Services, LIC
24th Lyle Mc Clury 23:35 Norton Sound Health Corporation
25th Victor Machart 23:38 LYSD Team America
26th Barbara Rice 23:34
27th Carolyn Hensel 24:09
28th Kathy Corrigan 24:20 Nome Business Ventures
29th Bob Burger 24:49 Burger Bldg. Maintenance
30th Lisa Vaughn 25:01
31st Richard Carstens 25:05 Providence Kodiak Medical Center
32nd Mary Geddes 25:26
33rd Randy Chappel 26:20
34th Bobby Lanier 27:54 Hampton Roads Testing
35th Janeen Sullivan 29:11
36th Ben Kleimer 31:42 LYSD Team America
37th Scott Taylor 45:54

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the Nome Kennel Club Businessman’s Race 2001!
Special thanks to the team owners and Rae's Harness Shop crew,
Mark Hunt- EMT, Bob Lewis and each of you for your able assistance and support!!

Nome Council 200 2001

Place Driver Total Time
1st Darin Nelson 4 Days 4 Hours 30 Mins.
2nd Greg Parvin 4 Days 4 Hours 40 Mins.
3rd Aaron Burmeister 4 Days 4 Hours 51 Mins.
4th Lucy Nordlum 4 Days 4 Hours 52Mins.

* DNF Phillip Pryzmont

Congratulations to the hardy dog drivers who completed this race with healthy, happy dog teams.

*Special Thanks to all of the Nome Area Ham Radio operators who provided communications for those stranded at Topkok, Nome Search and Rescue, Nome Volunteer Fire Department, Tom Busch, Pat Hahn, Wilson Bourdon, Dan Harrelson, Steve Battershaw, Chris Nassuk, Brian Timbers, Conner Thomas, Hageland Aviation, Jim Wilson, Roger Thompson, Art Peters, Terry Boyle. A big thanks to the local radio stations for their updates and support. Thanks again to all of those who supported and helped those who were stranded at the Topkok cabin this weekend.

Note: This is the longest Council Race in history due to the high winds in the Topkok - Solomon area. It was fortunate that caribou hunters were stranded along with dog mushers as the caribou was the main menu. These were items that people said they were glad to have or would have been glad to have had - chainsaw, multi-fuel stove, good book and more spices for the caribou meat! Steve Battershaw was a big help making water for the group. Art Peters has donated plywood to build some more bunks.



April 7, 2001

The trail was soft and punchy, with frequent whiteout conditions. Congratulations to the following drivers and teams!

Place Driver Total Time
1st Nils Hahn 2:35:04
2nd Aaron Burmeister 2:38:27
3rd Mike Webber 2:49:34
4th Nicolai Ettyne 3:05:38

*Special thanks to Jim and Chris Rowe for helping set trail today.


Centennial Nome to Fort Davis & Back- April 8, 2001

Beautiful, fast, smooth trail with sunny skies and a light breeze. Congratulations to the following drivers and teams.

Place Driver Total Time
1st Mike Webber 19:32
2nd Aaron Burmeister 20:56
3rd Chris Rowe 21:02
4th Nils Hahn 21:52
5th Kirsten Bey 23:18
6th Steve Battershall 25:38
7th Ron Koczaja 26:41
8th Mike Owens 36:23
  *Junior Mushers
1st *Melissa Owens 31:43
2nd *Mike Owens, Jr. 37:04

*Special thanks to the City of Nome for Police support at the road crossings and the Nome Department of Public Works for clearing the Bypass Road for the Centennial Race today.

This was the final race of the NKC 2001 Centennial race season. Congratulations to all of the drivers who raced this season and a big thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with timing, trails, training and supporting our club.

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