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Year 2002 Race Results!

March 9th Race | Businessman's Race | Nome Council 200 | Cape Horn, April 14 | Spring Picture Race 6 Dog 6 Mile

Trail Conditions: (for the visitor) Click on [pic] for photo.

For those of you who haven't been on our club trails, let me explain a bit. We are a coastal village, which translates as windswept [pic]. There are no trees here and therefore we get a lot of snow drifting and sastrugi [pic]. This makes for slow trails, or icy where the snow has blown away. Of course, there may be some of you, used to groomed trails through the forest, who would hesitate to use the word 'trails' to describe our race courses. The race times may reflect these conditions.

The Cape Horn Race Results - March 9, 2002

The Cape Horn trail wasn't staked yet so we ran a 34 mile trail that started at the bypass road by AC, crossed the Teller Road and went up the Snake River Valley 15 miles. There was a slight north wind during the race. The race started at 10 a.m. under sunny skies. Thanks to Jim for putting in the trail, Mike Webber, Kim and Bob Lewis for helping out with the race at the start, road crossings, turn around and finish!

Greg Parvin 1st 2 hours 29 minutes
Chris Rowe 2nd 2 hours 31 minutes 15 seconds
Kirsten Bey 3rd 2 hours 53 minutes 45 seconds

March 16, Nome Kennel Club Businessman's Race

First Place Tina
Tina Metzger, First Place

Place Driver Bib #   Time   Sponsor Dog Team
1 Tina Metzger 28 17:12 Campfire USA Rowe
2 Victor Chen 25 17:15 NSHC Parvin
3 William Scott 17 18:12 L St. Stampede Thomas
4 Kari VanDelden 1 18:50 Creative Memories Thomas
5 Kirk Monroe 14 18:51 Kirk Monroe Bey
6 Nicole Troy 9 18:54 NSHC Parvin
7 Jean Morrow 8 19:04 Jean Morrow Bey
8 Cris Dunlap 18 19:10 Cordova Salmon Inc. Bey
9 Michael Burke 35 19:16 Criminal Element Thomas
10 Martha Lane 33 19:22 NSHC Parvin
11 Kurt Kaiser 27 19:55 Love to Travel Bey
12 Jake Schlapfer 22 20:04 BLM Parvin
13 Joan Hudlow 2 20:24 Creative Memories Bey
14 Erin Farr 16 20:34 L St. Herders Pryzmont
15 Ann Boynton 34 21:17 Self Motivated Pryzmont
16 Pat Conrad 32 21:29 Half-Fast Mushers Bey
17 Stan Lujan 11 21:31 Nome Public Schools Erickson
18 Genea Richardson 36 21:49 Anvil Mountain Bey
19 Sheryl Palmer 3 21:55 Aqua Rec Parvin
20 William Rohm 23 21:56 Cybernetix Thomas
21 Susan Shinkai 12 21:59 Natural Resource Bey
22 Michael Looney 13 22:15 Nome Public Schools Rowe
23 Dan Hovey 31 22:26 Half-Fast Mushers Thomas
24 John Davis 6 22:39 Oakland's Signs Parvin
25 Shane Sansom 5 22:48 Smithheisler Trucking Erickson
26 Amy Lujan 10 23:24 Nome Public Schools Pryzmont
27 Gerri Koechling 19 23:39 Perdy's Pal Jackson
28 Melissa Blair 21 23:52 BLM Erickson
29 Lori Windows 4 23:58 Bureau Valley Vet Pryzmont
30 Leslie Ohta 29 24:27 Self Activated Bey
31 Vance Vermilya 30 25:16 Half-Fast Mushers Jackson
32 Eunice Thaeler 20 28:38 GC's Fun House Erickson
33 Scott Peterson 26 29:36 NSHC Pryzmont
34 Arthur Gross 15 31:38 Travel Tips Unlimited Rowe
35 Ruth Bryant 7 DNF Fell Off Thomas
36 Lisa Christie 24 DNF Dog Mutiny Bey

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the Nome Kennel Club Businessman’s Race 2002!
Special thanks to the team owners and trail support folks for your able assistance and support!!

Nome Council 200 2002

This year the race went through Topkok, White Mountain, Council, came back to Topkok, and on into Nome. The checkpoint at Whitew Mountain was new this year. A mandatory 6-hour layover was also added to this year's race. The layover could be taken at any of the checkpoints in any time increments.

A total of 3 mushers participated, placement is as follows:

1. Bill Cotter, of Nenana: finished at 7:30pm, Saturday - total time: 25 hours 30 minutes, with 10 dogs.

2. Nils Hahn, of Nome: finished at 10:04pm, Saturday - total time: 28 hours 4 minutes, with 9 dogs.

3. Greg Parvin, of Nome: finished at 11:22pm, Saturday - total time: 29 hours 22 minutes, with 11 dogs.

Weather for the trip was perfect for the race volunteers, good for the mushers, and perhaps a little warmer than ideal for the dogs.

Special thanks to trail breaker Dave Holly, White Mountain coordinator Dan Harrelson, Topkok checkers Tom & TW Brannon and Pat & Anna Hahn, White Mountain checker Kim Waldrep, Council checkers Mitch Erikson and Nickolai (KGB), Race vet Dr. Leedy and family, Race Marshall Bryan Timbers, Race Official H. Conner, race volunteers Mark Cardinal, Lance Cannon, and Linnea Baker. Additional thanks to Gary Longley for trail breaking around Hastings' overflow and for checking teams into Nome at the finish!

Cape Horn Race, April 14
(The real one)

The trail started at the Teller Road crossing outbound on the west trail with a right turn at Thompson Creek over to Glacier Creek, up the hill to the ditch line. The trail followed the ditch line all the way till it dropped down on the old railroad bed and then up Leonard Seppalas driveway and back into the ditch, down Grub Creek and into the Snake River following the west side of the valley back to the Teller Road crossing. The trail was 40 miles long.

The weather was a warm 28 degrees with overcast skies and some light snow. There was lots of fresh snow from the previous days storm that had passed through.

Thanks to Jim Rowe for the amazing extreme mushing trail that he put in for this race and for being race marshal. Also thanks to Kirsten and Nils for helping stake the trail.

1st - Nils Hahn - 12 dogs, 3 hours 26 minutes 35 seconds
2nd - Chris Rowe - 9 dogs, 3 hours 29 minutes 55 seconds
3rd - Kim Waldrup - 8 dogs, 3 hours 54 minutes 20 seconds
4th - Kirsten Bey - 8 dogs, 4 hours 42 minutes 35 seconds

Next weekend will be a 10 mile race that runs a loop of this same trail. Prizes will be historical photos from the musem that have been enlarged and framed. Starting place will be the Teller Road crossing @ 11 a.m. Saturday April 20th unless otherwise announced.

Spring Picture Race, 6 Dog 6 Mile

The race was run over a six-mile course from the by-pass starting line to the Nome River then via the beach back to the east end of town. Temperature 22°F with light easterly winds, overcast skies.


1st Chris Rowe 21:46
2nd Nils Hahn 22:45
3rd Ray Lang 23:13
4th Diana Adams 24:54
5th Kirsten Bey 25:03
6th Greg Parvin 25:45
7th Kim Waldrep 26:17
8th Phil Pryzmont 29:43


1st Melissa Owens 24:27
2nd Michael Owens 29:32


1st Keith Conger 21:28

Congratulations to all participants,

We had a great race tonight for the season year ender. Race started at 7 PM under overcast skies and temps of 22f. Tomorrow promises a spring blizzard by evening so the timing was good. Good luck to Nils and Chris who along with Joe Garnie from Teller and Percy Nayokpuk from Shishmaref all head to Kotzebue tomorrow for the 150 mile Port Site Race. Fridays weather will look a little intimidating but by race time on Saturday things will have calmed down but with lots of new snow.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and to Bob Lewis for help on the trail.

Junior mushers Melissa and Mike Owens made a great showing and Melissa would have been a top finisher in the adult class.

Take Care and Enjoy Our Spring,
Jim Rowe

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