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Year 2003 Race Results!

February 15 | March 8 | March 15 - Businessman' Race
March 21 - Nome Council 200 | April 1 - Junior's Race
April 5 Snake River Valley/Glacier Creek | April 19 - Salmon Derby

Trail Conditions: (for the visitor) Click on [pic] for photo.

For those of you who haven't been on our club trails, let me explain a bit. We are a coastal village, which translates as windswept [pic]. There are no trees here and therefore we get a lot of snow drifting and sastrugi [pic]. This makes for slow trails, or icy where the snow has blown away. Of course, there may be some of you, used to groomed trails through the forest, who would hesitate to use the word 'trails' to describe our race courses. The race times may reflect these conditions.

The 8 Dog Race, 16 Miles - February 15, 2003

Here are the race results from the February 15th race:

8 dog race, 16 miles, start at the ByPass Road race start, follow the trail across the Teller Road and back.

1st Greg Parvin 1:15:40
2nd Chris Rowe 1:17:38
3rd Char Keehn 1:25:22
4th Kirsten Bey 1:31:13
5th Gary Longley 1:31:24
6th H. Conner Thomas 1:35:55
7th Diana Adams 1:54:43
8th Kevin Jacksont 2:20:53
  Kim Waldrep scratch

Thanks to Bob Lewis for timing and trail support, Mike Weber and Phil Pryzmont for trail support and Nikki Polk and the Junior Musher Club for all their help at the race start.

Special thanks to Jim Rowe and Mitch Erikson for all their work putting in a beautiful trail, as well as all the folks who helped with extra staking for the race.

Race Results for the March 8 Cape Horn Races

We had a beautiful day for the race, with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and a light northerly wind in places. The race started at the race start behind the elementary school and followed the trail around Icy View, crossed the Teller Road and then headed up Glacier Creek. Due to limited snow, we were unable to put in a trail over Cape Horn, so the entire trail remained within the Glacier Creek Valley. However, Jim Rowe did an amazing job and put in a beautiful trail. The 25 mile race followed the same trail as the 50 mile, however there was a turnaround loop put in about halfway up the course.

10-dog 50 mile

1st Nils Hahn 3:58:50
2nd Greg Parvin 4:03:58
3rd Ray Lang 4:04:22
4th Kirsten Bey 4:24:19
5th Kevin Jackson 5:52:02

6-dog 25 mile

1st Kim Waldrep 2:28:19
2nd Char Kheen 2:37:10
3rd Diana Adams 2:41:48

Many thanks to Jim Rowe for all his time spent putting in and maintaining the trail, and Bob Lewis for once again doing an excellent job as timer and Race Marshall. Also, thanks to Mike Webber and Raleigh for being out on the trail to assist.

March 15, Nome Kennel Club Businessman's Race

Place Driver   Time   Sponsor Kennel
1 Curt Door 12:14 Cabelas Parvin
2 Craig Idol 12:43 2207 Main St Parvin
3 Arthur Gross 13:21 Travel Tips Unlimited Bey
4 Merlin Calver 13:41 Ron Parker Stampede Parvin
5 Nancy Weber 13:45   Erickson
6 Yvonne George 13:51 Cape Smythe Bey
7 Joe Guziak 13:56 Thomas Nature Boy Bey
8 Laura Trimble 14:09 George Ross Elementary Bey
8 David Weber 14:09 Indigo Dave Thomas
9 Tanya Trabaut 14:40 F & O Adventures Kheen
10 Jonna Bartlett 14:43 Bartlett Enterprises Erickson
11 Brenda Sperry 15:15 Sperry Environmental Rowe
12 Kelly Goeden 15:17   Thomas
13 J. Dennis Weidler 15:18 KICY Bey
14 Patty Burchell 15:41 KICY Bey
15 Melissa Eakes 15:57 MOPS Rowe
16 Barry Monroe 16:00   Parvin
17 Steven Sylvester 16:04   Bey
18 John Stumpff 16:10   Kheen
19 Jan Webber 16:37   Thomas
20 Susan Shinlea 16:41 The Natural Resource Erickson
20 Mike Corrigan 16:41 Nome Bus. Ventures Thomas
21 Jeri Knudsen 16:44 Milt Johnson Parvin
22 Karen Prelog 17:11 NSHC Adams
23 Laurie Davenport 17:17 Birkenstock USA Pryzmont
24 Paul Sierra 17:31 Arizona State Univ. Erickson
25 Kathy Corrigan 18:09 Nome Bus. Ventures Parvin
26 Mark Eakes 18:45 Pierce County Sheriff Pryzmont
27 Barbara Lake 19:11   Jackson
28 Julie Verette 19:21 Wind Spirit Photos Adams
29 Viva Teal 20:11   Bey
30 Susan Cooley 20:15 Webster Elementary Parvin
31 Linda Gardner 21:59 AK Public Defender Parvin
32 Kelly Muford 22:32   Bey
33 Cassandra Wilson 22:51 Teacher on the Trail Thomas
34 Tracy Morrow 23:01   Parvin

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the Nome Kennel Club Businessmanís Race 2003!
Special thanks to the team owners and trail support folks for your able assistance and support!!

Nome Council 200 2003

12 Dog, 200 Mile

Nome Council Race: Safety
Photo by Chris Rowe

A total of 8 mushers participated, placement is as follows:

1st Nils Hahn 23:02
2nd Melanie Gould 23:33
3rd Aaron Burmeister 24:19
4th Chris Rowe 24:19:40
5th Tim Osmar 24:27
6th Ray Lang 25:44
DNF Kim Waldrep  
DNF Greg Parvin  

Note: DNF = Did Not Finish

April 1 Junior's Race

Here are some pics from the Junior Sled Dog Race held on the evening of April 1. Maisie Thomas, age 5 (youngest racer), was the winner!

Junior Racers
The racers (left to right, not in order of finish) were:
Maisie Thomas, Emerson Conger, Forrest Scofield, Sara Swenson, Richelle Horner, and Cara Buie.

Race Start
Race Start - Cara Buie blasts off!

Maisie in winning form
Maisie Thomas in winning form.

1st Maise Thomas 13:01
2nd Forrest Scofield 14:42
3rd Cara Buie 17:44
4th Emerson Conger 18:15
5th Sara Swenson 25:59
6th Rochelle Horner 28:52

Saturday, April 5, 2003 8-dog, 30 mile Snake River Valley/Glacier Creek

1st Chris Rowe 2:27:01
2nd Nils Hahn 2:27:07
3rd Kim Waldrep 2:29:36
4th Char Keehn 2:50:19
5th Greg Parvin 2:58:44
6th Kirsten Bey 3:10:04
7th Kevin Jackson 4:04:21

The 30 mile race started at 1pm at the Teller Road crossing and followed the original 50 mile Glacier Creek trail, now freshly staked and groomed by Jim Rowe. Race day was sunny and warm, approximately 30 degrees F.

In a very exciting race, Chris Rowe edged out Nils Hahn by 6 seconds for the win. This was the last tune-up for Chris and Nils before heading up to Kotzebue for the Kobuk 440.

Many thanks to our timer Diana Adams and Race Marshall Mike Weber. The race wouldn't have been possible without Jim Rowe, who re-staked and groomed the trail after the previous week's storm. Thanks Jim!

Salmon Derby, April 19
(The real one)

The real one didn't happen as planned: due to overflow and poor trail conditions the race committee moved the race up the Snake River, over to the Stewart River, up to the scenic Mosquito pass and back.

Race Results

1 Nils Hahn 5:43:05
2 Ray Lang 5:48:26
3 Chris Rowe 5:48:31
4 Kim Waldrep 6:27:17
5 Kirsten Bey 6:57:20

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